Pipeline Pressure Monitor

Set alarm limits for high and low pipe pressure levels. Receive notifications via SMS and Email when the pressure level triggers an alarm.

Example applications:

  • Irrigation pipe and riser pipelines - high pressure caused by outlet not opening; low pressure caused by outlet not closing or pump failure.
  • Livestock trough pipelines - low pressure caused by pump failure or broken pipe.
TecaLink PressureMonitor

Cloud connected

Each Monitor is securely connected to the TecaLink Cloud platform allowing you to manage and monitor on Mobile Phone, Tablet, or PC. You are able to customise your PressureMonitors from the Cloud:

  • Set alarm limits for high and low pressure levels
  • Set the mobile phone number for SMS notifications
  • Give each monitor a personalised name
  • Adjust your email notification preferences

Solar powered

Ample solar charging capacity is built into the innovative and patent pending housing design. There is no need to install external solar panels.

TecaLink PressureMonitor Solar Powered

Multiple notification options

Notification preferences can be set for pipeline pressure alarms, Low Battery and Network Disconnect. Notifications can be delivered in multiple ways:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • TecaLink Cloud

GPS enabled

Alarm notification SMSs and emails include the map to help you locate the monitor that triggered the alarm.

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