Control flood / surface irrigation bay outlets using various methods:

  • Timed control
  • Manual control at unit
  • Automatic via linked BaySensor and phone will be a future option

* Control unit only, actuator not supplied.

TecaLink Irrigation GateController
TecaLink Irrigation GateController

Cost effective automation

  • Simplify your farm irrigation without purchasing hundreds of fixed control units.
  • Start your irrigation automation project with one or as many units as desired.

Ultra portable and lightweight

Easy to carry and relocate to different irrigation outlets around your farm:

  • Hold easily in one hand while attaching connector.
  • Carry strap enables several units to be carried easily.
  • Bundle many units into a box for carrying on ATV.
TecaLink Irrigation GateController
TecaLink Irrigation GateController

Flexible mounting options

Use the same unit with many different types of outlets, e.g. Riser, Slide Stop, Rubber Stop.

Easily mount to your existing irrigation outlets:

  • Hang on a hook.
  • Fasten to a frame or post.
  • Slide over a post - strap a sleeve to unit to allow easy mounting by sliding over a post, e.g. star picket, rod or PVC tube.
  • Carry strap doubles as attachment fastening.

Multi-compatible actuator types

Compatible with multiple actuation mechanisms:

  • Linear actuator
  • Motorised screw

High current capability and adjustable operating limits.

TecaLink Irrigation GateController
TecaLink Irrigation GateController

Super durable

  • Rubberised surrounds provide ultimate drop protection.
  • Long life UV stable polymer body supports handling and durability.

Solar powered

Ample solar charging capacity is built into the innovative and patent pending housing design. There is no need to install external solar panels or charge the unit between irrigations. Option to charge with USB charger.

TecaLink Irrigation GateController Solar Powered

Cloud connected

Each Controller is securely connected to the TecaLink Cloud platform allowing you to manage and monitor on Mobile Phone, Tablet, or PC. You are able to customise your Controllers from the Cloud:

  • Set the mobile phone number for SMS notifications
  • Give each controller a personalised name
  • Adjust your email notification preferences

Multiple notification options

Notification preferences can be set for Gate Actuation, Low Battery and Network Disconnect. Notifications can be delivered in multiple ways:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • TecaLink Cloud
TecaLink Irrigation GateController

Easily locatable - GPS enabled

  • Open/Close Actuation notification SMSs and emails include the map to help you locate the controller.
  • Locator light on unit can be activated by phone to aid locating at night.

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