Brilliant product. It would be getting myself an extra 30-40 hours sleep this hay season... Sleep blissfully till alarm goes off then get up and bale.
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B. McCracken
Hay Producer
Victoria, Australia

TecaLink HayMonitor Cloud Control and Monitoring

Cloud connected

Each HayMonitor is securely connected to the TecaLink Cloud platform allowing you to monitor and control your HayMonitors from a Mobile Phone, Tablet, or PC. You are able to customise your HayMonitors from the Cloud:

  • Set alarm limits for humidity, dew point, temp - dew point, etc
  • Set the mobile phone number for SMS notifications
  • Give each HayMonitor a personalised name
  • Adjust your email notification preferences


Innovative and patented tripod design makes the HayMonitor portable and easily deployed in different locations around the farm.

To deploy the HayMonitor, simply extend the legs and place it on the ground. To pack up, drag unit forwards and the legs automatically fold in.

TecaLink HayMonitor Portable
TecaLink HayMonitor Robust


Built to stand up to use in harsh farming environments:

  • Tough PVC housing and legs
  • Legs can be bent an any direction without breaking
  • Recessed solar panels to avoid damage
  • Sturdy and stable in windy conditions

Easy to locate at night

Locator light will flash when an alarm has been triggered, helping you to locate the HayMonitor at night. Locator light can also be activated via the TecaLink Cloud when required.

TecaLink HayMonitor Easy to Locate at Night
TecaLink HayMonitor Solar Powered

Solar powered

Designed to run on very low power. With ample solar charging capacity, there is no need to charge the HayMonitor between deployments. It will operate for many days in low sunlight conditions.

At unit status check

Check battery charge and confirm network connectivity at the deployed location using the built-in display and menu system. Additionally, if network coverage is low then a test SMS can be sent from the HayMonitor to confirm operational connectivity.

TecaLink HayMonitor At Unit Status Check

Multiple notification options

Notification preferences can be set for Humidity High/Low Alarm, Dew Point High/Low Alarm, Temperature - Dew Point High/Low Alarm, Low Battery and Network Disconnect. Notifications can be delivered in multiple ways:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • TecaLink Cloud

GPS enabled

Know the location and status of each of your HayMonitors. Notification SMSs and emails include the map to help you locate the HayMonitor that notified you.